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Trip 1: Tue-Sat April 29-May 3, 1997

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on April 29, 1997


Who:  Rooster, Chunkie

Campsite: ALPHA

Weather: Fair and Cool; Frost on mornings.

Menu: Steak, White Beans, Chuck Roast, Polish Sausage

Had Planned to leave Wednesday but  Rooster got stand in for band for Tuesday night and we came in a day early.  Both slept on foam pads in back of  Chunkie’s Red Baron pickup.  Went wade fishing in river daily  and dunkings caused by slippery rocks  healed Chunkies hemroids. We did catch and cook a few small fish.

While having coffee Saturday morning a deer walked down the center of the river right in front of our camp.  That capped off a great trip and we agreed to make it a regular outing and try to get others to join in.

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