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Trip 2: Thur-Sun July 10-13, 1997

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on July 10, 1997

Those present on this trip were: Chunkie,Rooster, Munchkin, Radar,
Sonar (Miranda)
Weather: Sunny and nice
Menu: All we can remember is Chuck Roast and fish.

Stewart caught a big bass in morning after ‘Luau’ night. Miranda didn’t like the ‘Luau’ night party. She kept coming out of her bed to tell us to be quiet.
We took a hiking/fishing trip on Sat morning down river almost half way to Suttons Bluff. When we got way down river we found that we were almost out of beer…someone said we better turn back…About that time Chunkie, while fishing in some brush, called out; ‘LOOK HERE!  There’s a 6 pack floating down the river toward us! Then shouted even louder…’AND IT’S OUR BRAND TOO!’ Come to find out that it was some beer that we had sitting in the mouth of the Cave just a little down river from our camp. We had left it there to keep cold. It had obviously broke loose and floated down to us. How much more luck can you ask for?

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