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Trip 6; Thu-Sun June 3-6, 1999

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on June 3, 1999


Who: Rooster, Chunkie, Radar, Munchkin, Bumble Bee
Site: Camp Bravo
Weather: ?
Menu: Chuck Roast, B. Butts, Spuds, Beans, Breakfast stuff.

Rainbow group all around. Denny crossed over to Twilight Zone and came back injured.

At the top of the hill leading in to Cook Spring we noted several piles of rocks arranged articulately with feathers sticking out in different directions. These piles were all along the trail to Camp Alpha. Just before making the final turn we noticed a girl dressed like a 60’s hippie sitting in a car alongside the road. She appeared to be in deep thought. Continuing around the corner there was a sight to behold. Had our favorite spot been overrun by indians?

There were feathers, beads, teepees, campfires and circles of people all over the hillside. That is when we made a decision to relocate to camp Bravo, which has become our favorite site. (Radar)

The drums kept Munchkin awake all night so he went home Saturday morning. Sitting in the river Saturday afternoon Radar was yahooing back and forth with the rainbow crowd downriver. A couple of them stopped and talked. One asked Chunkie if he cared if he lit a joint. Chunkie said ‘as long as you don’t care if I drink this F—ing beer. Everyone having sat across the river for several beers, Rooster decided to go fishing a while to regroup. When he returned Radar had crossed over to the Twilight Zone. Chunkie and Rooster escorted Radar to the swimming hole upstream from camp. Radar fought with a rootwad. Rootwad 3, Radar 0.

Chunkie said ‘ Hey, Y’all watch this’ and dove from the gravel bar into the water. Radar said ‘that’s nothing’ and dove from the water onto the gravel bar and busted his eye. The root wad had also messed up his leg. We got him back to camp and bandaged his head with a red bandana. We made him a crutch from a broken tree limb and took a picture of him sitting by the fire looking like a pirate.   He returned from his mental journey with stories of seeing Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. He thought he caught a glimpse of Jimmy Hoffa, too, while he was crossed over.

Chunkie and Rooster had to follow Radar home and help him in the house the next day. He missed three days work. His new bride, Susan, was really impressed with how much ‘fun’ he had at Black River. (Rooster)

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