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Trip 11: Fri-Thur Oct 6-12, 2000

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on October 6, 2000


Trip 11;   Fri – Thu October 6-12, 2000 Octoberfest

Who:  Munchkin, Chunkie, Rooster
Site: BRAVO – Large Kitchen Tarp, Tents and Truck.
Weather: Very Cold…Low 18deg Sat…20deg Sun…Warming thru week

Bill arrived Sunday after playing at Fredricktown ‘Octoberfest’. Bill brought buttons and we named this trip ‘Octoberfest’.
Charles was having very bad back pain and Bill had to make a quick round trip to Jonesboro, AR on Wednesday for daughter’s surgery.
We cut down the large dead tree in camp. The weekend weather was more like December than October.

Everyone left Thursday. Rooster went to his trailer at Lake Wappappello until Saturday.

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