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Trip 12: Thur-Sun Mar 30-Apr 1, 2001

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on March 30, 2001


Who: Radar, Munchkin, Rooster, Chunkie
Site: BRAVO .- Tent and Tarps on Ranger, Large Tarp over kitchen.
Weather: Cool, Low 20s Highs 50s. Raining on arrival
Menu: Boston butts, Beans, Chuck Roasts, Big Breakfasts

Jim Stewart had a new F150 Lariat, Tarp straps rubbed a bad place on side of his new truck.

Denny Nolan had a Jungle Hammock. After it pitched him to the ground he decided to sleep in his truck for this trip.

Munchkin and Rooster took a ‘Quick’ dip in the river about 2am. There was a ‘double dog dare’ involved. They were at the threshold but didn’t cross over this trip. Rooster couldn’t locate last cup of wine. Found next day on bumper under tailgate.

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