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Trip 13: Thur-Sun Jun 21-24, 2001

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on June 21, 2001

Who: Rooster, Chunkie, Munchkin, Radar, Bumble Bee, ‘Big Boy’
Site: Camp Bravo…Tents,trucks,chalet,open kitchen.
Weather: Cool for June. Lows 50 Highs 75
Menu: Chuck roasts, boston butts, fried & baked taters, breakfasts.

Chunkie and Rooster sat up all night with Mr. McCormick. Chunkie said ‘it’s daylight, I can go back to my Natural Light.’ After 6 quick ones he crossed over to the twighlight zone for a couple of hours. About 10am he jumped in the river and then did his acrobatic one legged routine before taking a couple hour nap. Munchkin had some sleep and didn’t seem very sympathetic to the all night coon watchers.

Bumble Bee and Radar arrived Friday afternoon. Lee was dog sitting his cousin’s dog ‘Big Boy’ and brought him along. Big Boy fit right in and provided some fodder for jokes about the coyotes, etc. Bumble Bee had an underwater and a regular disposable camera.

Denny slept in the passenger seat of his truck. Lee had a flat on his Dodge.

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