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Trip 14: Thur-Sun July 12-15, 2001

Posted in: Charlie by Radar on July 12, 2001


Trip 14 – Thurs-Sun July 12-15, 2001

Who: Chunkie, Munchkin, Rooster
Site: Camp Charlie – 2 tents, tarped truck, open kitchen.
Weather: Cool for July Lows 54 Highs 80
Menu: Shis-kabob, beef ribs, white beans, corn on cob, baked taters.

Chunkie & Rooster got separated 3 blocks from Rooster’s house. Met up at Hunterville to continue trip. Rain early Thursday ended before we got to camp. Camp Bravo was trashed so we went to Charlie.

Chunkie had a new F150 truck and a new tent to christen this trip. The mayor brought the new Billville sign which we hung for the first time. Good air show Friday. Road trip past ‘Bandana’s’ and around roads 828 and 830 in Munchkin’s truck Saturday. Watched bats exit from Cook’s cave Sat evening.

Munchkin found another ring in the river. This one had a mermaid figure. Rooster found home made ‘Dexter’ knife in tree at camp.

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