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Trip 15: Sat Oct 20-Fri Oct 26, 2001

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on October 20, 2001

Trip 15 Sat-Fri Oct 20-26, 2001 Octoberfest

Who: Radar, Chunkie, Rooster, Munchkin
Site: Camp Alpha – 2 tents, Chuckwagon, big tarp, trucks.
Weather: Warm Sat-Tue, Tstorms/hail Wed, Cool & windy Thu-Fri
High 80 Monday, Low 20 Friday
Menu: B.butts, chuck roast, beans&hamhock, leg quarters, catfish.

Octoberfest was delayed 2 weeks by passing of Red Swain and birth of Grant Stoner. ‘There’ll be one child born to carry on….’

First trip for wishbone wagon and Radar’s washstand. Radar & Chunkie arrive Sat. Chunkie cut & bruised forearm setting up new washstand. Rooster & Munchkin arrive Sunday. Rooster goes to threshold, but doesn’t cross over. Beautiful day Monday! Wood run gets full truckload. Munchkin gives Charles yet another nickname – ‘Wishbone’
Radar and Chunkie had talked to Randy from the pines camp on the weekend. He told them about Super Bowl weekend camp.

Bumble Bee visited 3 hours Monday. Couldn’t stay because of shoulder dislocated playing tag football.Radar and Munchkin left Tuesday. Chunkie killed one squirrel on hill behind camp. Rain in afternoon. Rooster and Chunkie hunt Wed morning. No squirrels, but Chunkie climbed to the summit overlooking camp.

On trip to Lesterville for ice met three retired couples camped at Cook’s Spring. Got lots of wood on way back. Told couples how to make circle to Sutton Bluff. Storm shortly after getting back to camp. Hail and high winds blow tarp and tables. Still windy after rain. Postpone fish supper till Thursday. Drive to spring to check on 3 couples. Storm caught them on top of ridge during drive to S. Bluff.

Temp 28 deg at 7am Thursday. Wind gusts blow tarp loose again so we take it down. Couples from spring walk down for visit. After they leave Chunkie takes another bath in frigid river. He has been in river every day. Chunkies knee starts tightening up and hurting. Grilled catfish for supper.

Friday AM we pack up camp and take senic route through Annapolis and Sam A Baker park to greenville and Whipporwill Ridge. Chunkie goes on home because of knee. Rooster stays one night at the roost and goes home early Saturday.

P.S. Last day cooked the squirrel, potatos, sausage, bacon, eggs and gravy. We almost floundered on this. (Chunkie)

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