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Trip 16: Thur-Sun Apr 4-7, 2002

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on April 4, 2002

Who: Radar, Munchkin, Chunkie, Rooster
Site: Bravo – 3 tents, chuckwagon, trucks.
Weather: Cold nights (teens Thurs), Nice days 60s Sunday.
Menu: P.sausage,Potato soup, T Bones, baked beans, fried spuds, big breakfast Sat.

Radar came up Thursday with a new expanding bed and his tent. Nearly froze overnite. Saw two deer several times. Munchkin arrived noon Friday. Chunkie chauffered the mayor with the chudk wagon and arrived 3pm. Great night with N.Light & McCormick till 12:30. Not quite as cold.

Big breakfast Sat. Munchkin watched camp while others went to pines and Camp Alpha. The owners from the city were at the pines. Everybody took a bath in the river about 1pm. Munchkin said he still doesn’t like the last swallow of beer in the bottom of the can.

Steak and slow fries were great Sat nite. Chunkie spotted UFO in South sky at dark. He and Munchkin were early to bed, early to rise, healthy, wealthy and wise. Rooster and Radar were late to bet, early to rise, gives a man red, tired eyes.

Sprang forward for daylight savings time. Had snack cakes for breakfast and polish sausage for early lunch. Munchkin left about 9:30am. Rest left about noon. Saw deer on Skyline Drive on way out. Stopped by Radar’s homestead on way home. Chunkie and Rooster heard ‘When I Die’ on radio on Catron road to cap off the weekend.

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