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Trip 18: Fri-Tue Oct 11-15, 2002

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on October 11, 2002

Who: Radar, Gary Kitchen, Munchkin, Rooster. (Chunkie couldn’t come because of knee)

Site: Camp Bravo

Weather: Fog & mist Fri, warm Sat, light rain.

Menu: Bratwurst, beef stew, pork steak, grilled chicken, big breakfast Sunday.

Rooster took Friday off, stopped for groceries and arrived at 2:30pm. Radar and Gary arrived 6pm. Rooster and Radar had coon watch till 3:30am. Made rock and wood run Sat A.M. Munchkin arrived noon Sat.(Rooster)

Rooster & Radar took dip in riverbend hole. Air temp 55deg but water wasn’t bad once you get used to it. After eating a round of the Mayor’s famous stew everyone decided that was enough for Sat night’s supper. We were sitting around campfire doing some serious world problem solving when we all heard something that sounded like a truck coming from the West. The problem here is that there is no road in from the West. As the sound got closer we could see that it was a truck coming right down the middle of the river. When it got straight out from camp we determined it to be a new or very late model Ford extended cab pickup. We all decided that Daddy was probably making the payments on this truck. From the shouts and yelling we could tell it was loaded with teenagers. We don’t need to elaborate on our thoughts of their mental condition or what caused it. We called it a night early because of the rain (and last night’s coon watch?) (Radar)

Bacon, P Sausage, eggs, taters and bisquits for Sunday breakfast. Windy, Sunny, 45 deg Sunday am. (Rooster)

This was my first trip with the infamous Black River gang. It certainly won’t be my last. Other than the afore mentioned unprovoked u-boat attack, the trip was without incident and a good time was had by all. (Gary K)

Radar and Gary left at noon Sunday. Munchkin and Rooster made a wood run. Pork Steak and half baked taters w/slaw for supper. Frost and 25 deg Mon. am. Ask Munchkin about the bear. Cardinals lost N.L. Championship to S.F. Giants. Packed and left Tue am. (Rooster)

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