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Trip 20: Thur-Sun May 15-19, 2003

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on May 15, 2003

Trip 20 Thurs-Sunday, May 15 – 19, 2003 Buzzard Bros.

Who: Rooster, Chunkie, Tucker
Site: Camp Bravo
Menu: Deer sausage, hot dogs, bologna, chuck roast, sweet rolls, etc.

Loaded truck with fire wood compliments of Lee. Bought groceries and went to Rooster’s. A bird had gotten under tarp on chuck wagon and died on top of coolers. Had to clean with Chlorox to get rid of maggots and smell. Forgot to get condiments out of Rooster’s small refridgerator, he checked before he left later and brought them. Arrived at Bravo at 2:45pm. Camp was a mess. Cleaned up trash and set up camp. Tucker was crossed over in K.G’s terminology. Made fire, drank cold beer, watched moon eclipse and went to bed. (Chunkie)
Roll call at 6:45AM, light mist. Set up camp tarp and drank beer and watched rain till sun came out at 1PM. Tucker and Chunkie went fishing, caught three. The Mayor pulled in at 4:30pm with long neck in hand. He had to dodge patrols that were tipped off Uni-Tagger was in the area. Rooster broke in a new stratolounger by ripping the tags off first thing. We sat under canopy watching rain, drinking beer, and wondering how it can get any better than this.. (Chunkie)
Rooster had kettle grill with no legs. Chunkie found bracket in camp and we rigged grill on stump. Works great! Rooster cooked supper – deer sausage. (Rooster)
Walked to gravel bar Sat am. Fished and picked up a few rocks. Rain on and off throughout day. Tucker had a day bed in Rooster’s truck, night bed in Chunkie’s tent, and strato lounger to throttle back with the guys. Chunkie/Wishbone fixed chuck roast on new grill about 5pm. Rooster baked the taters. All throttled back by fire till bedtime about 8pm (Rooster) We were going to have luau by the fire, but as Rooster said, had it in bed listening to the rain. (Chunkie)
Up about seven, had hard rain about 3am, but things dried out good in morning. Took our time packing up and had fried bologna about 11 and left for home about noon thirty. (Rooster) All I can add is you folks not here missed missed a classic Black River trip. (Chunkie)

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