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Trip 22: Wed-Sun Aug 20-24, 2003

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on August 20, 2003

Who: Chunkie, Tucker, Munchkin, Mayor, Red T., Radar, Gary K.
Site: Bravo Wed-Fri… Alpha Fri-Sun
Menu: Beans, Steaks, Chuck Roast, Baked Taters, Snacks.
Weather: Hot, Humid, No Rain

Chunkie and Munchkin spent Wed and Thurs nights at Bravo. A flip of the coin revealed we needed to move to camp Alpha. We loaded erected tents on trucks and trailers and moved Clampet style to new site Friday. Red and the Mayor arrived during the move. Chunkie went to rope swing with Munchkin who was trying to learn ‘Eskimo roll’ in his kayak – to no avail. Radar and Gary arrived late afternoon and Radar declared luau night. Oldie goldies going full blast on two truck radios. Everyone was roused out of bed to participate by decree of the Mayor. A fun time was had by all. (Munchkin)

Red T. left Saturday to go to his place at Wappappello. Rooster told him the short way was Route O to Route K then left to Annapolis and down 49 and through Sam A Baker park to Highway 34 and Greenville. That would only take about an hour and a half instead of two and a half around US-60. It wound up taking six hours since Red turned right instead of left on Route K and wound up back at Ellington, then tried a shortcut on H or HH ?? to Piedmont. None of the shortcuts worked out as planned and it was almost dark when he got to the lake.

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