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Trip 23: Fri-Sun Oct 9-11, 2003

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on October 9, 2003

Who: Chunkie, Mayor, Munchkin, Joe Steward, Bumble Bee, Jeff Thomason, Duke, Tucker.

Site: Alpha

Menu: Breakfast w/Gravy, Boston Butt, Baked Potatos

Weather: Overcast – 65-70 deg. Nice outdoor wx.

Joe’s first trip up. Duke and Tucker had to get re-acquainted. Radar missed trip – laid up with Montezuma’s revenge. Since he was supposed to be bringing a load of wood from his lot we wound up with only wet wood to burn. Munchkin wanted to celebrate Octoberfest with Bloody Marys. Chunkie politely declined.

Saturday morning everyone was ‘throttled back’ enjoying the serenity of the woods and the ambience of a nice campfire when Joe asked ‘Is this all y’all do?’ Munchkin replied ‘pretty much,’ to a raucous outpouring from the rest of the group.

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