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Trip 25: Thur-Sun Jun 24-27, 2004

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on June 24, 2004

Who: Chunkie, Munchkin, Rooster, Bumble Bee, Duke
Site: Camp Bravo
Menu: Grilled chicken, chuckroast, beans, taters, bacon, eggs, etc.
Weather: Perfection: Highs 80, Lows mid 50s, Clear

Munchkin & Chunkie arrived Thursday, Rooster, Bumble Bee & Duke Friday. Rooster & Chunkie had coon whatch till 7am Saturday. Chunkie throttled back all day in his new chalet with screened veranda. Munchkin’s Uncle Henry knife fell off Bumble Bee’s truck and was lost in a pothole. First trip for Bumble Bee’s new F150 4wd. Also breaking in new campfire tripod. (Rooster)

New gazebo in use. Bumble Bee caught 6 smallmouth down around cave. Munchkin was here alone two weeks ago – Kayaked, fished, went to phone booth lookout and called Mayor at work asking where everyone was. Mixed up date – gag… Chunkie – honeydos at home – painting, Mayor to Arkansas.
Forgot stratolounger, not a relaxing trip. Coon on chuckwagon – ate Chunkie’s cool cup. Duke helped himself to leftover chicken. Chunkie’s theme song ‘He’s in the big house now’ He moped around all Sat. finally came to life that evening. The word for the day – ‘Moderation’ (Munchkin)

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