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Trip 26: Fri-Sun Aug 6-8, 2004

Posted in: Charlie by Radar on August 8, 2004

Mudhole 2- Munchkin 0

Who: Munchkin, Radar, Chunkie, Mayor Rooster, Tucker
Site: Camp Charlie
Weather: Clear – Highs 80, Low 50,
Menu: Polish sausage, stick bologna, baked beans, chips, cookies.

Munchkin became Mayor in a bloodless coup de etat Friday. Rooster was proclaimed ‘Mayor Emeritus.’ First trip for complete core group this year and first for the new upgrade to 3 new sleeping tents. Chunkie & Munchkin 12’x14′ with screen porches and a Swiss Gear 10×12 belonging to Radar. Radar served dinner Friday. Steak Bologna with trimmings. Chunkie did brunch – same. Rooster prepared his top secret recipe dinner Saturday – Dutch oven baked beans with polish sausage, onion & seasonings. This was done after Rooster throttled up – he was slow moving Sat morning. Friday’s beer and Beam may have had something to do with that. (Chunkie)

Radar made a float in inflatable Kayak 1 hour 20 min from low water bridge. Near catastrophic event happened while indisposed – major repairs undertaken (duct tape) Cool for Aug. All had light jacket in evening. Heavy morning fog. Second night in new tent for me (Radar)

All enjoyed scooter ride on my ‘Yammazukie’ – probable last trip for this scooter. Warden by to check on things. Campsites cleaner as a result of his recent supervision. This being election year – in keeping with same theme – I unanimously voted myself kingpin of camp Charlie. Rooster’s administration lacking in purveyance of ‘nekid wimmen and Boudin cajun sausage. Declared time for new blood. I stand on the campaign platform of a chicken in every pot. Fine trip – a good time was had by all. (Munchkin)

Me again – Chunkie wanted an entry about he and I almost crossing over to see Marilyn and Elvis. Erie lights in the west last am convinced us they were on the way. A weak transponder is all that kept us from being beamed up. Maybe next time… Having arrived first on Friday I left a message on the main road posting tree ‘Rooster-Chunkie- Charlie’ Would you believe it took them 20 min to figure out what I meant. I was told to be more specific next time. (Radar)

Sunday morning Munchkin and his four wheeler had a contest with the long mud ditch in front of Camp Charlie. Final score – Mudhole 2 – Munchkin 0. Pics and video of this available for nominal fee. (Rooster)

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Trip 26 Photos / Aug 6-8 2004

Posted in: Photos by Radar on August 8, 2004