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Trip 27: Wed-Sun Apr 20-24, 2005

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on April 20, 2005

Radar’s Birthday

Who: Munchkin- Wed. Chunkie & Radar – Thurs. Rooster – Fri.
Site: Bravo
Weather: Storms Wed-Thu. Cool & Windy Fri-Sun. High Sat 50’s Low 30.
Menu: Deer-Rabbit-Squirrel Stew. Fried chuckroast Sat.

Radar’s Birthday Friday

Munchkin came up Wed from Turkey hunt at lake. He saw 2 jakes here. Chunkie & Radar came up Thursday morning. Mayor got here 3pm Friday. Chunkie/Radar here 12:10. Munchkin allowed we were 10 min late. Set up tents, chuckwagon, and put on stew. Rode down to low water bridge. water 4′ and swift. Had coon watch till 2am Friday celebrating Radar’s 62nd Birthday. Cooked fried rabbit/squirrels, gravy for breakfast. Rooster and Radar had coon latch till late am Sat morning and throttled back rest of day. Munchkin went home Sat. Great trip with core group. (Chunkie)

Had some discussion about accuracy of journal concerning Chunkie finding beer floating down river. This story is logged twice in journal – Trip 2 and trip 17. We finally figured out that it happened on trip 2 before we started official journal. We were recounting it on trip 17, hence the second log entry. (Radar)

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Trip 27 Photos / Apr 20-24 2005

Posted in: Photos by Radar on April 20, 2005