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Trip 29: Thu-Sun, August 25-28, 2005

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on August 28, 2005

Who: Munchkin, Mayor, Chunkie, Tucker

Site: Camp Bravo

Weather: Perfect summer wx.

Menu: Traveled light. Munchkin treated all to Ribeye, Baked Taters and Salad. Junk food otherwise.

Summary: Chunkie to bed early Fri. Could not find shorts Sat am. Tucker got the blame until they were found in covers. Made road trip to Bunker for ice Sat in prep for Luau. Munchkin caught a good small mouth bass and some goggle eye wade fishing. Relaxing trip sitting around camp. – Chunkie

Munchkin’s birthday Thursday. First trip for tandem trailers. Came over Thu from Wappapello. Everything rode fined. Made note to Ricky proof chuckwagon before bed – (see last trip). Chunkie mislaid shorts and blamed Tucker before I found them in his tent. Fishing at daybreak Thu in heavy fog. Quiet, cool. Had just made mis-cast and hung up in tree when caught pearch while trying to free line. About that time someone yelled from bank and scared me s***less. Turned around to see Mayor standing there. Great trip overall. – Munchkin

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