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Trip 30: Thu-Sun, Sep 22-25, 2005

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on September 25, 2005

Wh0: Mayor (Rooster) Chunkie, Radar, Tucker

Site: Camp Bravo

Menu: Pork steak, Polish sausage, bologna stick, deer sausage, honey buns, snacks.

Weather: Hot. Highs upper 90s, lows 60s.

Summary: Mayor arrived noon Thurs. Freezer door was open at home so had to use bag ice. Camp set up and kicked back by 4pm.  High was 97deg. Radar, Chunkie, and Tucker arrived 6PM Friday. Rooster had deer sausage & fixins ready. Coon watch till 1am. Chunkie & Tucker made 4 mile walk early Sat. Tucker was high stepping to low water bridge, but tender feet slowed him down on return trip.  All made wood run early before it got too hot.  Chunkie fixed grilled bologna and p. sausage for lunch. Beer tasting very good today.

Mayor finally got into the beer after lunch. Didn’t feel too well this am. Must have been the sleep. Surely it wasn’t the huge dent he made in a fifth of McCormick Friday night and Radar’s rum doesn’t make you feel bad.  – Chunkie

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Trip 30 Photos / Sep 22-25 2005

Posted in: Photos by Radar on September 25, 2005