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Trip 31: Thu-Sun, April 6-9, 2006

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on April 9, 2006

Who: Chunkie, Radar, Rooster, Munchkin

Site: Camp Bravo

Menu: Breakfast – Fried squirrel & rabbit, taters, gravy, biscuits. Lunch – Hunters’ stew. Supper – Red beans & rice, Polish sausage, roasted rabbit, fried bologna. Steak for Chunkie & Radar Thursday night. Snacks- Pork chop in a can all weekend.

Weather: Thu – scattered showers & three hour storm during night. Fri – sunny & warm with one shower. Sat – 43 and cloudy am. Warm & windy pm. Sunday wake up 22 degrees.

Summary: Chunkie arrived 4pm Thu & put up tent  in rain.  Radar arrived 5:30pm. Rain stopped. Rooster came in at noon Fri as rain started again. Heavy one hour downpour. Munchkin arrived 1:30pm after having flat tire on way. Chunkie & Radar had problems installing frame on chuckwagon. Radar broke in a new cot-tent from Cabelas this trip.

Ceremonial gin & black cherry toast after supper Fri. Munchkin brought CD of Mayor’s favorite – Mitch Ryder that he found on Coon watch till 2am Sat morning. 52 deg at bedtime. Cool & windy Sat am. Deep fried squirrel & rabbit, taters, bisquits & gravy for breakfast. Munchkin & Chunkie not hitting on all cylinders this am. Chunkie cut thumb cutting up squirrel. Grilled Mountain Rabbit, tater chunks, and Grizzley Gravy for supper.

Munchkin packed up and left in middle of the night – very early Sun morning. Radar had to pull out about 9am to meet delivery at store.  Chunkie and Rooster hung around till about noon.

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