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Trip 32: Thu – Sun, June 22-25, 2006

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on June 25, 2006

Who: Rooster, Chunkie, Munchkin, Radar

Site: Camp Bravo

Menu: Chuck roast, fried rabbit, biscuits & gravy, deer sausage, snacks.

Weather: Thu 90/62 hot. Fri. 80/60 fine. Sat 80/58

Summary: Munchkin saw his third bobcat coming in. Hadn’t been in camp 20 min before Chunkie drew his obglitory bloody injury. Document on film. Rain Thu night. Beer going down “smooth as a mountain stream.” A fine time was had by all. Chunkie dragging somewhat Friday. Declared he is giving up drinking beer forever (right!!).

Friday Rooster, Radar, & Munchkin spent midday kayaking from Bravo to Cook’s Cave. Made plans to go to Emminence & float Jacks Fork someday. Munchkin left Sat morning to pick up his Harley Sportster that he is certain to win in promotional drawing at Cape dealership. Radar battled with box turtle when unloading fire wood from truck. Turttle 2  – Radar 0.

Chunkie stayed on wagon one day. He is back on beer. Made kayak trip at low water bridge Sat. Sat around fire Sat night drinking coffee & icewater. Up early Sun. All went to bed by 11pm every night of trip.  Imagine that!!!

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