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Trip 33: Wed-Sun, Sep 6-10, 2006

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on September 10, 2006

Who: Munchkin, Chunkie, Mayor, Radar, Tucker

Site: Camp Alpha

Menu: Ham hocks & beans, burgers, spuds, coleslaw, beef steak, rabbit, pork steak.

Weather: Highs 80s, low 50s. Perfect.  Touch of fall in air.

Summary: Chunkie and Munchkin arrived 2pm Wed with chuckwagon. Rooster 5pm Wed. Radar 6pm Thursday. Chunkie brought jogging suit for first time. Decided Mayor had been right telling him for years how great they were for camp attire. Installed picture window (cut down high weeds) for senic arm chair view of river. Munchkin & Chunkie fished early am Thu. Snorkleing and mountain biking filled Thursday with frequent beer breaks. Radar brought new camp stove on legs. Chunkie broke it in with breakfast Friday morning. All decided that the stove would be added to the permanent chuck wagon arsenal. Kayaking Friday to cave. Swimming & liquid refreshments. Luau Friday night where Rooster came very close to crossing over for first time. Did not quite get there.

Munchkin went home early Sat am. Others relaxed and enjoyed perfect weather Sat. Great trip!

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