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Trip 35: Thr-Sun, May 10-13, 2007

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on May 13, 2007

Who: Chunkie, Rooster, Tucker

Site: Camp Bravo

Menu: Ham & beans, sirloin steak, P. sausage, snacks.

Weather: Showers enroute Thu. 80/48. Shower Fri pm 68deg high. Soggy and 48deg Sat am. Then clear and sunny.

Summary: Set up camp in dark. Sat around fire till 12:30. Friday Chunkie & Tucker five mile bike ride/run to Charlie, Delta, and low water bridge. Put beans on campfire and made wood run. Called wives and told them no double insurance – we are still kicking.  Lots of wood ticks around this trip. Having to check Tucker several times a day for ticks.

Chunkie & Tucker maed trip to the Pines Sat. Folks were camping with families. Saw 2 deer, 1 rabbit & squirrel on ride. Tucker chased deer into the hills. Took swim at high noon. – Chunkie

High was 85 deg Sat evening. Turned in early. Temp at sunup Sunday 42 deg. Coffee & cookies, then packed up. Left at 10am. Chunkie hit a stump leaving camp. Minor damage to front bumper. Otherwise – great trip. – Rooster

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Trip 35 Photos / Thr-Sun, May 10-13 2007

Posted in: Photos by Radar on May 13, 2007