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Trip 36: Thu-Sun, July 26-29, 2007

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on July 28, 2007

Who: Munchkin, Radar, Chunkie, Mayor

Site: Camp Alpha

Menu: Grilled Chicken, taters, slaw, chuck roast, bacon, sausage, bisquits & gravy.

Weather: 90s day, 70s nights.

Summary: Radar arrived 7pm. Munchkin, Rooster, & Chunkie already here. Finished setting up and planned kayak trip for Friday. Mayor and I did coon watch till 2am. We did a 4 hour kayak trip to Sutton’s Bluff Friday. We took the Kayak shuttle bus (Radar’s streatch van) and left it at the Bluff earlier for a ride back to camp after the float trip. Left camp at 1pm and arrived at Bluff at 5pm. Decided that 6″ more water would be ideal and should do this in May each year for higher stream flows. I saw a 6 foot long cottonmouth swim between my legs during kayak trip. (Actually it was only 2 feet long and a harmless brown water snake.) It really didn’t swim between my legs, but the last sentence makes a better tale. After the float and a good supper prepared by the Mayor, we retired a little earlier than usual. – Radar

Munchkin came over from the lake through Sam A. Baker park and arrived about 11am Thu. Gathered firewood and policed area waiting for camp mates to arrive. Bettered my buddy, Chunkie in one regard this trip. I was first to draw blood from knife cut. Group arrived about 5pm.  Friday we made a fine float and took several good pics. Two kayak teams assigned – blue team and yellow team. Rooster alerted by me of hearing water gurgling from his inflatable kayak. Chunkie allowed that I couldn’t hear gurgling. Turned out to be a leak. Just made it to take out at Sutton Bluff before #3 chamber deflated. Limo ride back to camp in S&D luxury kayak haulers streatch van. Float time 4 hours with beer breaks and body surfing by some.  Chunkie broke trail on one bad overhang. Looked like he had been in a gang fight when he emerged on other side. First trip for battery fan in tent. – Munchkin

Radar & Munchkin pretty well summarize this trip. All activities rate 12 on a 10 scale. Radar fixed breakfasts which equal Justin Wilson’s fine cusine. Several action pics taken on float trip. Grilled chuck roast and Radar’s taters & onions with Mayor’s slaw for supper Sat. I was not feeling well Sat morning, but after several pork chops in a can ordered by Munchkin, I felt much better. Much discussion about having a full moon Fri night. Mayor allows the full moon will be Sat night & will be a blue moon. Suppose we will find out later. – Chunkie

Research later determined Sat was, indeed, a blue moon. (Second full moon in calander month).

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Trip 36 Photos / Jul 26-29 2007

Posted in: Photos by Radar on July 28, 2007