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Trip 38 Thurs – Sun. April 23-26, 2009

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on April 27, 2009

Who: Radar and Rooster

Site: Bravo – Chuckwagon, Van, Tent-cot.

Menu: Baked Coon and Sweet Potatoes, Cajun Boudin, Portabello Mushrooms, Thick Pork Chops, Veggies, Baked Beans

Weather: Highs 80s, Lows 55-60. Sunny and breezy.

Photos:  Click Here or Scroll Down

Rooster’s Blazer was in shop so Radar provided Rooster a ride and sleeping quarters in the stretch van. Radar used his Cabella’s tent/cot. Radar brought a brand new lounging chair which broke Thursday night and pitched him out on the ground, resulting in a cut over eye and a strained back.
Here’s a picture; think twice before you purchase this chair.  This one came from SAMs.  Radar submitted a photo of the damage this chair did to his face on Thursday afternoon:  Chair 1 – Radar 0…
denny facebroken chairlook at brandRooster cut the leaning tree that has been under discussion for a few years.  After some effort it is now on the ground and no longer presents a danger of falling on someone.  Rooster 2, leaning tree 1. We brought enough fire wood from the January ice storm to last the first day or so. Friday we rode up to the lookout and found a bonanza of cut firewood left by prior campers. We loaded up enough to last the rest of the weekend.
We had fine cusine this trip and will be adding a couple of recipes to the recipe page as a result. The racoon baked with sweet potatos was fantastic. Cajun boudin, portabello mushrooms, and grilled thick lean pork chops made a few more fine meals accompanied by steamed veggies, baked beans, corn on the cob, or other side dishes. A couple of slow walks along the river, some unsuccessful morell mushroom hunting, and a circle through Sutton’s Bluff in the van were the only activities for the two, lone, campers this trip. Munchkin, Chunkie, and Bumble Bee had other comittments this weekend so couldn’t make this trip. All were missed. Packed up and headed home about 10:30 Sunday morning.

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Trip 38 Photos / Thurs – Sun. April 23-26, 2009

Posted in: Photos by Radar on April 27, 2009


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