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Posted in: by Radar on October 5, 2009

Written by: James Steward, aka Munchkin

To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greetings:

We do hereby establish the perfunctory association of four gentlemen to be known as “The Black River Gang”. Hereafter known as “The Gang”.

The purpose of said unaffiliated group to be soley that of replenishment/restoration of normalcy, derived thru fellowship from commune with natures’ flora and fauna.

The group consist of one William (ROOSTER) Boyd one Denny (RADAR) Nolan one James (MUNCHKN) Steward one Charles (CHUNKIE) Swain.

Be it now known that the assimilation of said group is completely void of emoluments or enticements and hereby entered into freely and uncoerced by any third party.

Having adopted the moral and sensible approach of “leave no trace”, this cabal of like-minded friends, whose altruistic plot is to attain nothing more than harmony with nature, offer these platitudes for future generations to come.



Sworn and Attested to this 4 October 2009


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