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First you need to go coon hunting or have a coon hunter friend that will give you a raccoon. Skin, clean, and dress the coon and put him in the freezer till time for your next camping trip.

Raccoon fat isn’t very tasty, so trim as much of the fat as possible before freezing. Fill the freezer bag with water or wrap well to prevent freezer burn. Thaw the coon out just before your trip.

If your wife will allow it, boil the coon at home in one part apple juice to two parts water. A clove of garlic and a little minced onion in with it is a good idea, too. If your wife doesn’t appreciate the aroma or the mess you make you can wait and do the boiling in camp.

After boiling about an hour add your peeled sweet potatoes and boil another fifteen minutes or so. The boiling eliminates any remaining fat, tenderizes and flavors everything and cuts the baking time later on the campfire.   Dump off the water and let everything cool for a bit. Then, put the coon and sweet taters in a plastic container with a couple of cups of cooking wine (or any cheap white wine) and keep refrigerated or iced down in the cooler till you’re ready to bake.Dutch Oven Baked Coon

Dump everything in a large cast iron Dutch oven and sit it on a rack or hang it on a tripod several inches above a good bed of campfire coals.  Dump any excess liquid and leave just enough in the bottom of the pot to make some steam during cooking.    If your cast iron isn’t seasoned well you’ll need to put a roasting rack or a layer of aluminum foil in the bottom to prevent sticking.  

 Add a couple of dried red peppers, some seasoned salt or garlic salt, a little black pepper and some more minced onion. Put the lid on the oven and put a few coals on the lid. Coals on top of lidIf you don’t have a flat lid you can skip the coals on top, but then you’ll be fixing coon pot roast instead of baked coon.

The slower you cook this, the better.  Having to constantly raise the lid to check for burning on a hot fire gets too many ashes in with the coon.   If the fire is low you can just let it bake slowly and eat whenever your stomach says it’s time.   Coon and Sweet Taters go great with Dishwater Corn and Munchkin’s Grilled Zucchini.   Of course, you’ve probably got a half bottle of wine left too.   Enjoy…..

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