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Don’t worry this only gets the chicken under the influence and you won’t have to be under the influence to enjoy.   As always with the Black River Gang, wine or spirits can be substituted for beer whether cooking or sipping.  Slight adjustments in quantity might be advisable.

If you don’t have any chicken thighs, breast will work, even legs or wings, or maybe pork chops, or whatever…Improvise, it’s camp cookin, isn’t it?
• Soak a few chicken thighs in a zip lock bag with some beer, garlic salt, and cajun powder for a while.
Take the thighs out of the bag and brown them pretty well on a rack over campfire, turning as needed.

  • While the chicken browns, sauté some mushroom stems and pieces in olive oil with some onion and crushed garlic in a cast iron skillet on the campfire. Bell peppers and some other seasonings are optional if you have some to use up.  
  • When everything is really smelling good put the chicken in the skillet, pour in a quarter inch of beer, and put on the lid.   
  • Move it to the cooler end of the cook rack and rotate the skillet now and then while simmering.   
  • Add a splash of beer if needed, but don’tbe jerking the lid off too much or it’ll take all night to get the chicken under the influence of the beer.   
  • Squeeze the juice of one lime on the chicken just before you take it off the fire and plate it up.   
  • This goes real well with a vinegar type bean salad, slaw or well rinsed sauerkraut.    
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