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Peel enough taters for the size of your group. Then peel a few more, cause they’ll cook down some.

Cut the taters in half and slice into 1/8” thick slices. For the big ones cut again crossways. Be careful with the sharp knife!

Rinse the taters off in your colander to get rid of all the blood and some of the starch.

Heat your cast iron skillet or Dutch oven and put in a half cup of oil, lard, or drippings.

Peel and chop a good sized onion in with the taters while the skillet heats up.

Dump the taters and onions in and shake on a good amount of salt and black pepper.

Stir things up frequently so they don’t stick to the bottom. Put the lid on the skillet when you’re not stirring.

When the taters soften up and start getting a little golden tint like hash browns, they’re ready.

Pour off any excess grease and set ‘em to the side somewhere with the lid still on.
Let the cast iron keep them warm while you finish up the eggs and gravy or whatever.

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