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Trip 34: Thur-Sun, April 19-22, 2007

Posted in: Alpha,Bravo by Radar on April 22, 2007

Who: Munchkin, Mayor, Radar, Bumble Bee, Duke

Site: Bravo – Alpha – Bravo

Menu: Bologna stick, Polish sausage, Taco soup, West Fork pot roast.

Weather: Clear 68/28 Thu. 78/36 Fri. 80/38 Sat. Light wind.

Summary: Munchkin arrived first about 4pm Thu.  After setting up camp heard Mayor & Radar pulling up. The silly bxxtards waved, circled toward Camp Charlie & headed out to Alpha. Daylight fading. Walked down road thinking I’d head them off before they made it out to road. Saw them up on Alpha road already. Ran hollering and waving to get their attention. Too much effort for an old man. Retreated to camp and hopped on scooter and made for Alpha. Told them I was here first & I wasn’t changing camps. – Munchkin

Now… the rest of the story. Munchkin had said he was coming up Friday, so Rooster & Radar thought someone else beat us to the campsite. Therefore we were going to Alpha as second choice to wait for Munchkin to arrive tomorrow. All was settled and we encamped at Bravo. Mini Luau Thu night till about 2am.

Friday made early wood run. Made calls from lookout and left Chunkie a voice mail at work. Bumble Bee and Duke arrived about 6pm. Taco soup for supper. Bed 11:30pm. Someone has cut about three trees around Bravo site. Will hurt shade eventually.

Saturday big breakfast. First bisquits in Radar’s new propane camp oven. Bumble Bee fished – no luck. West Fork pot roast in double roastpan over campfire for supper. Great day. – Rooster

Radar took a quick bath in river Sat am. Rooster went in knee deep, froze out and took pan bath. Radar went mushroom hunting but had same luck as Lee’s fishing trip.  Thought I should mention coyotes this trip. Heard two different packs several times. Sometimes only 200 yards, or so, from camp. – Munchkin

My first addition to the journal but far from my 1st trip. Make it a point to fish every time I come up. Fish aren’t anything like they used to be, but I still enjoy the solitude. Saw the biggest grey squirrel I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen more squirrels this trip (six or eight) than I’ve seen around here in a long time. Now if they would just go round up the goggle eyes. – Bumble Bee

Sunday morning note: Radar birthday (64) today. Got up and found a honey bun with a lit eight hour candle and a styrofoam cup with “Happy Birthday” written on side. Also solved quart jar mystery. I found a jar half full of something inside my sleeping bag when setting up Thursday. Everyone trying to figure out why I had a quart jar of something in my sleeping bag. This morning I remembered a buddy giving me a jar of honey during deer season last year. I forgot about it and it turned into greasy looking sugar mass over winter months. Also need to mention a birthday present from Munchkin. A small viewing stone. Some people would call it a rock.

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Trip 25: Thur-Sun Jun 24-27, 2004

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on June 24, 2004

Who: Chunkie, Munchkin, Rooster, Bumble Bee, Duke
Site: Camp Bravo
Menu: Grilled chicken, chuckroast, beans, taters, bacon, eggs, etc.
Weather: Perfection: Highs 80, Lows mid 50s, Clear

Munchkin & Chunkie arrived Thursday, Rooster, Bumble Bee & Duke Friday. Rooster & Chunkie had coon whatch till 7am Saturday. Chunkie throttled back all day in his new chalet with screened veranda. Munchkin’s Uncle Henry knife fell off Bumble Bee’s truck and was lost in a pothole. First trip for Bumble Bee’s new F150 4wd. Also breaking in new campfire tripod. (Rooster)

New gazebo in use. Bumble Bee caught 6 smallmouth down around cave. Munchkin was here alone two weeks ago – Kayaked, fished, went to phone booth lookout and called Mayor at work asking where everyone was. Mixed up date – gag… Chunkie – honeydos at home – painting, Mayor to Arkansas.
Forgot stratolounger, not a relaxing trip. Coon on chuckwagon – ate Chunkie’s cool cup. Duke helped himself to leftover chicken. Chunkie’s theme song ‘He’s in the big house now’ He moped around all Sat. finally came to life that evening. The word for the day – ‘Moderation’ (Munchkin)

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Trip 23: Fri-Sun Oct 9-11, 2003

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on October 9, 2003

Who: Chunkie, Mayor, Munchkin, Joe Steward, Bumble Bee, Jeff Thomason, Duke, Tucker.

Site: Alpha

Menu: Breakfast w/Gravy, Boston Butt, Baked Potatos

Weather: Overcast – 65-70 deg. Nice outdoor wx.

Joe’s first trip up. Duke and Tucker had to get re-acquainted. Radar missed trip – laid up with Montezuma’s revenge. Since he was supposed to be bringing a load of wood from his lot we wound up with only wet wood to burn. Munchkin wanted to celebrate Octoberfest with Bloody Marys. Chunkie politely declined.

Saturday morning everyone was ‘throttled back’ enjoying the serenity of the woods and the ambience of a nice campfire when Joe asked ‘Is this all y’all do?’ Munchkin replied ‘pretty much,’ to a raucous outpouring from the rest of the group.

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Trip 21: Wed-sun Jun 25-29, 2003

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on June 29, 2003

Who: Munchkin,Bumble Bee, Mayor, Radar, Chunkie, Gary K., Tucker, Duke, and stray.

Site: Bravo

Menu: Grilled fish & veg, burgers, baked beans, P. sausage, snacks.

Weather: Rain Wed night, muggy Thurs, Clear & mild Fri-Sun. (Ideal)

Munchkin and Bumble Bee arrived Wed, Radar & Mayor Thurs, Chunkie and Gary Friday. Chunkie and Rooster had new vehicles. Black F150 and Tan Blazer.

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