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Trip 39 Wed – Sun, June 24-28, 2009

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on June 30, 2009

Who: Munchkin, Radar, Mayor-Rooster, Chunkie, Shane, Bumble Bee,  and 4
youngsters Dalton, Steven, Alex M., Alex S.  plus two dogs – Birdie
& Sarge

Site: Bravo.  Tents, cot, Blazer, chuck wagon, van.

Menu:  Grab Bag – Everyone brought their own food and supplies this trip.

Weather: Hot and humid. 15 minute shower Fri am. Highs 90’s, Lows 60’s.

Photos:  Click Here or Scroll Down

First, comments from the four youngsters who were asked to write in the journal their favorite part of the camping trip

The Dalton Gang
  • Dalton: Sitting around the camp fire telling stories and catching fish. Making a dam in the water.
  • Steven: I really enjoyed catching crawdads, tadpoles, fishing and
    swimming. All four of us jumped off the rope swing. I really enjoyed
    sitting around the fire and making smores.
    Camp CoonI also enjoyed sleeping in the tent and seeing raccoons and walking to the spring with Mr. Chunkie and Mr. Denny.
    We also shot fireworks Saturday night. Thanks for reading the journal.
  • Alex M: Being with my friends, fishing, catching tadpoles, and swimming.
  • Alex S: Having fun!!!
In photo above from left to right are:  Dalton; Steven;Alex
M;Alex S
Time Out to Eat

Now comments from the grown up kids:

Radar: When I arrived around 8am Wed. the road to Bravo was impassable. The storms a few weeks back blew several large trees down blocking the road. I managed to circumvent some fallen trees and made it to Camp Alpha only to find it fully occupied by several tents of strangers.  I drove around the area a while waiting for Bumble Bee and the boys he was bringing to arrive. Somehow I missed him early. With
his chain saw and new Jeep he made his way into Camp Bravo. We finally connected about 11am and he led me through the new path to Bravo. We spent the day setting up camp, relaxing and enjoying the weather along the river.
Chunkie: As always – trip was great. Radar and I made a 5 mile hike to turnoff on ridgetop and back. Rooster and I talked about this trip being historic since Lee and Shane  brought the boys. This is looking
at the future, keeping the tradition so the Black River Gang will continue for many years to come. Of course, we plan to make many more trips before we pass the torch to the youngsters in twenty years or so.
Bumble Bee: Bringing 4 boys camping seemed like a good idea from town and after 4 days in the woods it is still a good idea.  Everyone enjoyed watching them and playing games on – and with- them. I got to
do more fishing than usual and actually snuk off early one morning with Shane to float and fish. Great times!
Shane: The trip here was a little adventurous, but we finally made it around 2am Thursday morning. The fishing was great. I think I’m getting the hang of river fishing. Got to spend some time with Lee,
Radar, Munchkin, Chunkie, & Rooster. They are a bunch of great guys. Enjoyed Radar’s magic show for the boys. The float trip down to Suttons Bluff with the boys was a lot of fun. All in all it was a great
trip with a bunch of funny guys at a great place. Can’t wait to come back next trip.
Rooster: There was a sudden 15 minute shower Friday am while most adults were gone hiking or fishing. Munchkin, Rooster, and the four youngsters scurried to put rain flys on the tents and cover what we could. Dalton even thought to put the T-top on Lee’s new jeep. Every thing in camp got a little wet, but dried out quickly when the sun returned and temps hit the 90s.  Friday night around the campfire Radar taught the four boys (ages 10-12) the ritual of homage to the three camp spirits; OWAH, TAGU, & SIAM.  They were also treated to a snipe hunt. No snipes, but plenty of fun. The mayor told the story of the glutchmaker, but the audience had mostly dozed off by the end. Everyone shared cooking duties this trip. Under Bumble Bee’s supervision the boys were very good at doing the camp chores they were assigned. Munchkin pulled out Saturday morning.  Everyone else packed up and pulled out about 9:30 Sunday morning.  As a parting gesture Bumble Bee ceremonially burned Rooster’s straw hat with duct tape hatband. Other than one speeding ticket  in the group the trips home were uneventful.

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Trip 37: Thu-Sun, July 17-20, 2008

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on July 20, 2008

Who: Munchkin, Radar, Mayor

Site: Camp Alpha – Tent, cot, Blazer, chuckwagon, trucks.

Weather: Mild & Sunny. Highs 80s, lows 60s. AM fog. Showers Sat.

Summary: Munchkin pulled chuckwagon over & arrived about noon Thu. Radar & Rooster left work at 10:30 & drove over together arriving about 2pm. Troubled by several mosquitos late evening. Bats must be on vacation. Kayak run to rope swing & cave Friday. Radar sprung leak in seam just like Mayor’s last year. Good burger steak & mayo grilled corn on cob supper. Turned in about 11pm Fri. – Rooster

Surprisingly mild wx for mid July. Low humidity & low 80s temps – fine sleeping. Nasty bout with mosquitos Friday. Float to swing Friday. Perfection finally achieved in buiscuits from new camp oven. Float trip to Suttons Bluff Sat. proved catastrophic for me. About 1/3rd of the way after leaving camp I also suffered a leak in the notorious seam on my kayak. I was left to pull kayak remainder of distance – stumbling across slick rocks. Finally got Radar to carry deflated kayak the final leg. River up some. Fewer portages than last year. Radar to call Coleman to inform them of design flaw in leaky kayak seams. Hopefully we’ll get some compensation or incentives.  Fine dining as usual. I filled in for Chunkie on evening eals. Camp site in good condition on arrival. No beer for me this trip. No airshows this time. Faulty moon. I’ll leave itat that as “food for thought” for next year’s look back. K.C. Strip Steak, fried taters, slaw, sliced tomatoes, and river chilled watermelon on tonights menu, so better sign off and get busy. – Munchkin

I was the breakfast cood for this trip. Prepared fried squirrel & eggs Fri morning. Everyone bragged about the scrambled squirrel eggs (See recipes) that I fixed for Sat breakfast. Our annual Kayak trip was enjoyed by all but Munchkin who wound up hiking most of the way. We missed Chunkie this trip since we had no one to pick on. – Radar

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Trip 36: Thu-Sun, July 26-29, 2007

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on July 28, 2007

Who: Munchkin, Radar, Chunkie, Mayor

Site: Camp Alpha

Menu: Grilled Chicken, taters, slaw, chuck roast, bacon, sausage, bisquits & gravy.

Weather: 90s day, 70s nights.

Summary: Radar arrived 7pm. Munchkin, Rooster, & Chunkie already here. Finished setting up and planned kayak trip for Friday. Mayor and I did coon watch till 2am. We did a 4 hour kayak trip to Sutton’s Bluff Friday. We took the Kayak shuttle bus (Radar’s streatch van) and left it at the Bluff earlier for a ride back to camp after the float trip. Left camp at 1pm and arrived at Bluff at 5pm. Decided that 6″ more water would be ideal and should do this in May each year for higher stream flows. I saw a 6 foot long cottonmouth swim between my legs during kayak trip. (Actually it was only 2 feet long and a harmless brown water snake.) It really didn’t swim between my legs, but the last sentence makes a better tale. After the float and a good supper prepared by the Mayor, we retired a little earlier than usual. – Radar

Munchkin came over from the lake through Sam A. Baker park and arrived about 11am Thu. Gathered firewood and policed area waiting for camp mates to arrive. Bettered my buddy, Chunkie in one regard this trip. I was first to draw blood from knife cut. Group arrived about 5pm.  Friday we made a fine float and took several good pics. Two kayak teams assigned – blue team and yellow team. Rooster alerted by me of hearing water gurgling from his inflatable kayak. Chunkie allowed that I couldn’t hear gurgling. Turned out to be a leak. Just made it to take out at Sutton Bluff before #3 chamber deflated. Limo ride back to camp in S&D luxury kayak haulers streatch van. Float time 4 hours with beer breaks and body surfing by some.  Chunkie broke trail on one bad overhang. Looked like he had been in a gang fight when he emerged on other side. First trip for battery fan in tent. – Munchkin

Radar & Munchkin pretty well summarize this trip. All activities rate 12 on a 10 scale. Radar fixed breakfasts which equal Justin Wilson’s fine cusine. Several action pics taken on float trip. Grilled chuck roast and Radar’s taters & onions with Mayor’s slaw for supper Sat. I was not feeling well Sat morning, but after several pork chops in a can ordered by Munchkin, I felt much better. Much discussion about having a full moon Fri night. Mayor allows the full moon will be Sat night & will be a blue moon. Suppose we will find out later. – Chunkie

Research later determined Sat was, indeed, a blue moon. (Second full moon in calander month).

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Trip 35: Thr-Sun, May 10-13, 2007

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on May 13, 2007

Who: Chunkie, Rooster, Tucker

Site: Camp Bravo

Menu: Ham & beans, sirloin steak, P. sausage, snacks.

Weather: Showers enroute Thu. 80/48. Shower Fri pm 68deg high. Soggy and 48deg Sat am. Then clear and sunny.

Summary: Set up camp in dark. Sat around fire till 12:30. Friday Chunkie & Tucker five mile bike ride/run to Charlie, Delta, and low water bridge. Put beans on campfire and made wood run. Called wives and told them no double insurance – we are still kicking.  Lots of wood ticks around this trip. Having to check Tucker several times a day for ticks.

Chunkie & Tucker maed trip to the Pines Sat. Folks were camping with families. Saw 2 deer, 1 rabbit & squirrel on ride. Tucker chased deer into the hills. Took swim at high noon. – Chunkie

High was 85 deg Sat evening. Turned in early. Temp at sunup Sunday 42 deg. Coffee & cookies, then packed up. Left at 10am. Chunkie hit a stump leaving camp. Minor damage to front bumper. Otherwise – great trip. – Rooster

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Trip 33: Wed-Sun, Sep 6-10, 2006

Posted in: Alpha by Radar on September 10, 2006

Who: Munchkin, Chunkie, Mayor, Radar, Tucker

Site: Camp Alpha

Menu: Ham hocks & beans, burgers, spuds, coleslaw, beef steak, rabbit, pork steak.

Weather: Highs 80s, low 50s. Perfect.  Touch of fall in air.

Summary: Chunkie and Munchkin arrived 2pm Wed with chuckwagon. Rooster 5pm Wed. Radar 6pm Thursday. Chunkie brought jogging suit for first time. Decided Mayor had been right telling him for years how great they were for camp attire. Installed picture window (cut down high weeds) for senic arm chair view of river. Munchkin & Chunkie fished early am Thu. Snorkleing and mountain biking filled Thursday with frequent beer breaks. Radar brought new camp stove on legs. Chunkie broke it in with breakfast Friday morning. All decided that the stove would be added to the permanent chuck wagon arsenal. Kayaking Friday to cave. Swimming & liquid refreshments. Luau Friday night where Rooster came very close to crossing over for first time. Did not quite get there.

Munchkin went home early Sat am. Others relaxed and enjoyed perfect weather Sat. Great trip!

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