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Trip 40 Thursday-Sunday Oct 1 – 4, 2009

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on October 6, 2009

Who:  Chunkie, Rooster, Radar

Site:  Bravo   – Chuckwagon, tent, Blazer

Wx:  Perfect fall wx. Lows mid 30s Highs 70.  Breezy

Menu:  Grilled chicken quarters, pork steak, BBQ beans, T-bone steaks, fried potatoes, hamhock and beans,bacon, sausage, eggs, fried bologna.

Photos:  Click Here or Scroll Down



First Octoberfest trip in several years. Weather is perfect. All went for walk to spring Friday. Later made a circle to Sutton’s Bluff and got firewood. Solved timing for retirement. Met some new camp friends from St.Louis area. Enjoyed several walks and many hours sitting around campfire. We plan to start doing Octoberfest trips again – my favorite time for camping.


I rode up with Rooster this trip. Arrived at 3:30pm and set up camp. Chunkies chicken quarters for supper & nice campfire chat until turning in about 10:30.  Friday we made a couple of hiking trips around area and truck circle to Sutton’s Bluff. Had campfire debates about politics and retirement timing with plenty of refreshments untill midnight.  Saturday morning I made up an egg omelet recipie that all enjoyed.  Rooster and I took a couple mile hike while Chunkie recovered from cutting his thumb tip nearly off with a limb saw while doing some unnecessary chore. On our return to camp he had recovered and had the bleeding stopped.  We socialized with another camping group several times. We had one of the best 1-1/2 ” thick T-bone steaks I’ve ever had for supper – prepared by Chunkie.


First trip for the extra large food cooler on the chuck wagon. It works great with a couple of very large ice blocks, allowing all the food to fit in one cooler. We met some folks from Farmington camping in a couple of motorhomes at the lookout point. Visited back and forth a few times over the weekend. They really enjoyed a sample of our campfire hamhocks and beans. We saw several deer tracks on our walks. We used walking sticks on our hikes, so we brought home some good hackberry and oak limbs to make some permanent walking sticks. Radar captured a box turtle for his grandson. I hope it doesn’t wind up like the honey he packed away on a previous trip.

We missed Munchkin on this trip and hope he can make it for the next one.

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Trip 27: Wed-Sun Apr 20-24, 2005

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on April 20, 2005

Radar’s Birthday

Who: Munchkin- Wed. Chunkie & Radar – Thurs. Rooster – Fri.
Site: Bravo
Weather: Storms Wed-Thu. Cool & Windy Fri-Sun. High Sat 50’s Low 30.
Menu: Deer-Rabbit-Squirrel Stew. Fried chuckroast Sat.

Radar’s Birthday Friday

Munchkin came up Wed from Turkey hunt at lake. He saw 2 jakes here. Chunkie & Radar came up Thursday morning. Mayor got here 3pm Friday. Chunkie/Radar here 12:10. Munchkin allowed we were 10 min late. Set up tents, chuckwagon, and put on stew. Rode down to low water bridge. water 4′ and swift. Had coon watch till 2am Friday celebrating Radar’s 62nd Birthday. Cooked fried rabbit/squirrels, gravy for breakfast. Rooster and Radar had coon latch till late am Sat morning and throttled back rest of day. Munchkin went home Sat. Great trip with core group. (Chunkie)

Had some discussion about accuracy of journal concerning Chunkie finding beer floating down river. This story is logged twice in journal – Trip 2 and trip 17. We finally figured out that it happened on trip 2 before we started official journal. We were recounting it on trip 17, hence the second log entry. (Radar)

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Trip 26: Fri-Sun Aug 6-8, 2004

Posted in: Charlie by Radar on August 8, 2004

Mudhole 2- Munchkin 0

Who: Munchkin, Radar, Chunkie, Mayor Rooster, Tucker
Site: Camp Charlie
Weather: Clear – Highs 80, Low 50,
Menu: Polish sausage, stick bologna, baked beans, chips, cookies.

Munchkin became Mayor in a bloodless coup de etat Friday. Rooster was proclaimed ‘Mayor Emeritus.’ First trip for complete core group this year and first for the new upgrade to 3 new sleeping tents. Chunkie & Munchkin 12’x14′ with screen porches and a Swiss Gear 10×12 belonging to Radar. Radar served dinner Friday. Steak Bologna with trimmings. Chunkie did brunch – same. Rooster prepared his top secret recipe dinner Saturday – Dutch oven baked beans with polish sausage, onion & seasonings. This was done after Rooster throttled up – he was slow moving Sat morning. Friday’s beer and Beam may have had something to do with that. (Chunkie)

Radar made a float in inflatable Kayak 1 hour 20 min from low water bridge. Near catastrophic event happened while indisposed – major repairs undertaken (duct tape) Cool for Aug. All had light jacket in evening. Heavy morning fog. Second night in new tent for me (Radar)

All enjoyed scooter ride on my ‘Yammazukie’ – probable last trip for this scooter. Warden by to check on things. Campsites cleaner as a result of his recent supervision. This being election year – in keeping with same theme – I unanimously voted myself kingpin of camp Charlie. Rooster’s administration lacking in purveyance of ‘nekid wimmen and Boudin cajun sausage. Declared time for new blood. I stand on the campaign platform of a chicken in every pot. Fine trip – a good time was had by all. (Munchkin)

Me again – Chunkie wanted an entry about he and I almost crossing over to see Marilyn and Elvis. Erie lights in the west last am convinced us they were on the way. A weak transponder is all that kept us from being beamed up. Maybe next time… Having arrived first on Friday I left a message on the main road posting tree ‘Rooster-Chunkie- Charlie’ Would you believe it took them 20 min to figure out what I meant. I was told to be more specific next time. (Radar)

Sunday morning Munchkin and his four wheeler had a contest with the long mud ditch in front of Camp Charlie. Final score – Mudhole 2 – Munchkin 0. Pics and video of this available for nominal fee. (Rooster)

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Trip 24: Thur-Sun Apr 15-18, 2004

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on April 15, 2004

Who: Radar, Gary K., Mayor
Site: Camp Bravo
Menu: White beans, Steak & taters, P. Sausage, Bacon, eggs, gravy.
Weather: Low 38 Fri am – 80s daytime, 40s nights.

Radar and Gary came up Thursday PM. Rooster arrived Friday 4pm. Discussed philosophy around campfire till 11:30. Ask about the Stoneliftus Obesius Worms…….

Quiet, enjoyable day in camp Saturday. Short road trip and rock expedition. Pack up and travel home Sun.

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Trip 22: Wed-Sun Aug 20-24, 2003

Posted in: Bravo by Radar on August 20, 2003

Who: Chunkie, Tucker, Munchkin, Mayor, Red T., Radar, Gary K.
Site: Bravo Wed-Fri… Alpha Fri-Sun
Menu: Beans, Steaks, Chuck Roast, Baked Taters, Snacks.
Weather: Hot, Humid, No Rain

Chunkie and Munchkin spent Wed and Thurs nights at Bravo. A flip of the coin revealed we needed to move to camp Alpha. We loaded erected tents on trucks and trailers and moved Clampet style to new site Friday. Red and the Mayor arrived during the move. Chunkie went to rope swing with Munchkin who was trying to learn ‘Eskimo roll’ in his kayak – to no avail. Radar and Gary arrived late afternoon and Radar declared luau night. Oldie goldies going full blast on two truck radios. Everyone was roused out of bed to participate by decree of the Mayor. A fun time was had by all. (Munchkin)

Red T. left Saturday to go to his place at Wappappello. Rooster told him the short way was Route O to Route K then left to Annapolis and down 49 and through Sam A Baker park to Highway 34 and Greenville. That would only take about an hour and a half instead of two and a half around US-60. It wound up taking six hours since Red turned right instead of left on Route K and wound up back at Ellington, then tried a shortcut on H or HH ?? to Piedmont. None of the shortcuts worked out as planned and it was almost dark when he got to the lake.

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